About me and why I love to wander...

I am South Indian, living in Seattle, USA and I am a travel enthusiast, coffee lover, photography enthusiast, story teller, immigrant, tech nerd, foodie, a wannabe poet with the trappings of a modern Muslim woman. Before I moved to Seattle and started working full time, I grew up seeing many places in different parts of South Asia, USA and the middle east (Chennai, Coorg, Dubai and Maldives among others) as a consequence of my family moving a lot or in search of the best education and internships. But along the way I learnt to appreciate various perspectives, the way to combine the best from various cuisines and lifestyles but also more importantly, the ability to observe and appreciate various landscapes and cultures.

In 2011, I moved to Seattle and have been living and working here in the cloud industry. I am passionate about my work and enjoy the challenges and the problem solving. But with a full time job, it's easy for us to get lost in our little bubble and context; whether it is the week days or the weekend. There is always the next deadline, the yard work that needs to be done, the baby shower at someone's place etc. But our work demands that we be full of creative energy and passion in order to truly innovate for the customer.


I constantly crave for ways to explore and express my inner creative passions through various channels. But often I find myself itching to escape the confinements of the corporate drone profile and lifestyle. Besides I value experiences over material possessions, personal connections over unauthentic social norms. If my stock popped, I'll be on a jet plane somewhere far where I can't speak the language... not on a shopping spree at the designer stores next block that I've never visited in the last 5 years.


There are many ways in which one could channel their inner creative energy outside of work and for me it is traveling that unravels my inner mystic.It powers my imaginations. My deep and sincere desire is to explore the world, the breathtaking landscapes, the various cultures and connect with people on an authentic level and experience a different perspective by removing myself from all of my assumptions and truly immerse myself in a historic site or cultural situation.


So I welcome you to my travel blog where I will not only talk about what places my husband and I traveled, but also why we chose that destination, what our experiences were as a brown Muslim couple traveling looking for vegetarian and halal foods, places to pray, how we got around and what we appreciated about the culture and the people. I will also add visa specific information about my personal experience traveling with my Indian passport and my husband with his US passport.